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PrimeGene focuses on inflammatory-immune disease, and is committed to offering better therapy
options for patients around the world.

Li Yuliang
Chairman & Founder
Li Yuliang
• Be responsible for corporate development strategy
• With more than 20 years of industrial operation management and investment experience, foresight of deeply planning pharmaceutical industry, entrepreneurial and initiative spirits, and strong resource integration capability
• Founded Chifeng Saliont pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing PrimeGene Science and Technology Co., Ltd. successively in 2012
• Was awarded with “Outstanding Individual of Entrepreneurship” of the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region
Du Yunlong
Du Yunlong Ph.D.
• Be responsible for corporate strategy formulation, overall operation and clinical management
• Led the research and development of several projects, and NDA preparation and submission at Hua Medicine, and contributed to the company getting listed in Hong Kong in 2018
• Having worked at well-known multinational corporations such as Pfizer and GSK over 20 years, and with rich whole-process experience covering early research and development, clinical development and product launching
• Took charge of Phase I to IV clinical trials, medical affairs and drug safety management in the areas of dermatology, metabolism and neurology, and participated in the preparation and submission of several NDAs
• PhD of Albany Medical College, and bachelor of medicine of Peking University; US medical license
• Own 15 invention patents, and have published over 20 articles
Ai Lianghua
Ai Lianghua
• Responsible for the company's CMC, preparation research center, management center, strategic marketing and procurement department.
• Jiangzhong Health Products Co., Ltd., Sino-foreign joint venture Jiangxi Ronghe Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Dieselgard, etc. 40 years of pharmaceutical experience, good at the overall management of enterprises, development planning
• Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Pharmacy
Wang Binhui
Wang Binhui Ph.D.
• Responsible for the company's CMC center and formulation research center, guiding the establishment of topical formulation R&D platform.
• More than 20 years of experience in new product development and CMC team management in foreign multinational pharmaceutical companies, and experience in CMC R&D/manufacturing system leadership and management in domestic pharmaceutical companies. Experience in developing semi-solid, solid and injectable dosage forms, including special formulations, such as complex creams, nanoemulsions, nano-suspensions, oral controlled-release formulations, etc. Served as the director of API solid form strategy committee of multinational pharmaceutical companies
• Previously, he was in charge of formulation and CMC cross-disciplinary development of new products in Phase I-III clinical and commercialization phases at R&D centers of multinational pharmaceutical companies, such as Celgene, GSK, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, etc. He has been directly involved in or led the pharmacological development of several successful products.
• D. in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia, B.S. in Pharmacy from Peking University.
Zhu Bing
Early Research VP
Zhu Bing Ph.D.
• Be responsible for early research and development of the company
• With over 25 years of international drug research and development experience
• Worked at Zelgen, Crown Bioscience, drug R&D center of Michl Institute of the University of Alabama System, and so on.
• With rich and solid hands-on experience of identifying and verifying new drug targets, designing, screening and optimizing novel compounds, and further validation of leading compounds and preclinical candidates thereof. Have published over 20 academic papers.
• Doctor of pharmacology of Beijing Union Medical College
Ye Dong
Quality VP
Ye Dong
• Be responsible for the company’s quality assurance and commercial production management
• With rich experience of drug research and development, production management, quality control, technical management, industrialization and technology transfer, and pharmaceutical factory project planning and construction
• Having engaged in pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, and worked at ZBD Pharmaceutical, Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical, and AOSAIKANG PHARM
• Master of pharmaceutical engineering of Nanjing Tech University
Wu Xing
CFO&Corporate Secretary
Wu Xing
• Be responsible for administrative affairs of board office, market, and personnel management
• With rich experience of financial investment and business administration
• Having worked at large state-owned financial institutions for more than 10 years, such as Bank of Communications
• Master of finance of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics
李雨亮 董事长(创始人)