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About Us

PrimeGene focuses on inflammatory-immune disease, and is committed to offering better therapy options for patients around the world.


A biomedical company specializing in inflammatory-immune diseases

Founded in September of 2016, Beijing PrimeGene Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (“PrimeGene”, Stock code: 873969.NQ) is a company engaged in clinical stage innovative drug research and development focusing on immune-inflammatory diseases, oriented by the unmet clinical needs and featured by drugs for external use.
Coporate Culture
Development Course
September: PrimeGene was founded.
June: The innovative drug R&D team was established.
May: The first IND application was approved.
August: A+ round of financing was completed.
December: The Company got listed in the NEEQ market.
May-October: the company obtained 7 clinical approvals
December: the company completed a Phase IIb clinical trial and
closed nearly $100 million in Series B financing
Top Management
Chairman & Founder
Li Yuliang
• Be responsible for corporate development strategy
• With more than 20 years of industrial operation management and investment experience, foresight of deeply planning pharmaceutical industry, entrepreneurial and initiative spirits, and strong resource integration capability
• Founded Chifeng Saliont pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing PrimeGene Science and Technology Co., Ltd. successively in 2012
• Was awarded with “Outstanding Individual of Entrepreneurship” of the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region
Du Yunlong
• Be responsible for corporate strategy formulation, overall operation and clinical management
• Led the research and development of several projects, and NDA preparation and submission at Hua Medicine, and contributed to the company getting listed in Hong Kong in 2018
• Having worked at well-known multinational corporations such as Pfizer and GSK over 20 years, and with rich whole-process experience covering early research and development, clinical development and product launching
• Took charge of Phase I to IV clinical trials, medical affairs and drug safety management in the areas of dermatology, metabolism and neurology, and participated in the preparation and submission of several NDAs
• PhD of Albany Medical College, and bachelor of medicine of Peking University; US medical license
• Own 15 invention patents, and have published over 20 articles
Ai Lianghua
• Responsible for the company's CMC, preparation research center, management center, strategic marketing and procurement department.
• Jiangzhong Health Products Co., Ltd., Sino-foreign joint venture Jiangxi Ronghe Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Dieselgard, etc. 40 years of pharmaceutical experience, good at the overall management of enterprises, development planning
• Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Pharmacy
Wang Binhui
• Responsible for the company's CMC center and formulation research center, guiding the establishment of topical formulation R&D platform.
• More than 20 years of experience in new product development and CMC team management in foreign multinational pharmaceutical companies, and experience in CMC R&D/manufacturing system leadership and management in domestic pharmaceutical companies. Experience in developing semi-solid, solid and injectable dosage forms, including special formulations, such as complex creams, nanoemulsions, nano-suspensions, oral controlled-release formulations, etc. Served as the director of API solid form strategy committee of multinational pharmaceutical companies
• Previously, he was in charge of formulation and CMC cross-disciplinary development of new products in Phase I-III clinical and commercialization phases at R&D centers of multinational pharmaceutical companies, such as Celgene, GSK, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, etc. He has been directly involved in or led the pharmacological development of several successful products.
• D. in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia, B.S. in Pharmacy from Peking University.
Early Research VP
Zhu Bing
• Be responsible for early research and development of the company
• With over 25 years of international drug research and development experience
• Worked at Zelgen, Crown Bioscience, drug R&D center of Michl Institute of the University of Alabama System, and so on.
• With rich and solid hands-on experience of identifying and verifying new drug targets, designing, screening and optimizing novel compounds, and further validation of leading compounds and preclinical candidates thereof. Have published over 20 academic papers.
• Doctor of pharmacology of Beijing Union Medical College
Quality VP
Ye Dong
• Be responsible for the company’s quality assurance and commercial production management
• With rich experience of drug research and development, production management, quality control, technical management, industrialization and technology transfer, and pharmaceutical factory project planning and construction
• Having engaged in pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, and worked at ZBD Pharmaceutical, Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical, and AOSAIKANG PHARM
• Master of pharmaceutical engineering of Nanjing Tech University
CFO&Corporate Secretary
Wu Xing
• Be responsible for administrative affairs of board office, market, and personnel management
• With rich experience of financial investment and business administration
• Having worked at large state-owned financial institutions for more than 10 years, such as Bank of Communications
• Master of finance of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics
Honors & Qualifications
Gold Seed Enterprise in Zhongguancun Science Park
Gold Seed Enterprise in Zhongguancun Science Park
Zhongguancun High and New Enterprise Certificate
Zhongguancun High and New Enterprise Certificate
Certification of Scientific and Technological R&D Institute in Beijing Municipality
Certification of Scientific and Technological R&D Institute in Beijing Municipality
Certification of “Specialized, Fine, Characteristic, Novel” Middle and Small-sized Enterprise
Certification of “Specialized, Fine, Characteristic, Novel” Middle and Small-sized Enterprise
AAA Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate
AAA Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate
李雨亮 董事长 (创始人)