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Core Team

Core Team
Li Yuliang<br/>Chairman (Founder)
Li Yuliang
Chairman (Founder)
• Responsible for the strategic development of the Company
• More than 20 years of industrial operation management and investment experience, in-depth layout of the pharmaceutical industry, with entrepreneurial pioneering, innovative spirit and strong resource integration abilities
• Successively establishing Chifeng Sailintai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Puqi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
• Successfully launching and managing Chifeng Meinian Great Health Management Company Limited, Chifeng Ciming Health Management Company Limited, Chifeng Qinghe Hospital
• Winner of Excellent Individual of Independent Entrepreneurship in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Dr. Yunlong Du <br>CEO and CMO (Partner, Director)
Dr. Yunlong Du
CEO and CMO (Partner, Director)
• Responsible for strategy development, overall operation and clinical management of the Company
• Having led the R&D, NDA preparation and submission of several projects of Hua Medicine, and successfully assisting the company to be listed in Hong Kong in 2018
• More than 20 years of experience in early stage R&D, clinical development and the overall process of product launch in famous multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and GSK.
• Having managed several Phases 1-4 clinical trials, medical affairs, and drug safety management in the therapeutic areas of dermatology, metabolism and neurology, and participated in the preparation and submission of several NDAs
• MD, Albany Medical College, US, Bachelor of Medicine, Peking University, US; Certified Professional Medical Practitioner in the United States.
• Having been included in Shanghai's "Thousand Talents Plan", with 15 invention patents and more than 20 publications.
Li Hua <br>CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Li Hua
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
• Responsible for corporate financial management, financial strategy and capital management.
• Rich experience in financing and capital operation, has led a number of well-known companies in the preparation of domestic A-share and New Third Board listing, and is experienced in the planning, construction and operation of group financial system.
• Nearly 20 years working experience in famous multinational companies and private listed companies such as Fosun Pharma, Zhengji Pharma, Wanfeng Aowei.
Dr. Lisheng Kang <br>Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
Dr. Lisheng Kang
Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
• Responsible for the work of the CMC Centre and the Formulation Research Centre, directing the establishment of the topical formulation R&D platform.
• Over 20 years of experience in new product development and CMC team management in foreign multinational pharmaceutical companies, and experience in leading the R&D/manufacturing system of CMC in domestic pharmaceutical companies. Experience in the development of various dosage forms including semi-solid, solid and injectable, including specialty formulations such as complex creams, nanoemulsions, nano suspensions, oral controlled release formulations, etc. Served as the director of the API solid form strategy committee of a multinational pharmaceutical company.
• Worked in the US R&D centres of multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Celgene, GSK, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, etc., responsible for the formulation and CMC cross-disciplinary development of new products in Phase I-III clinical stage and commercialization, and has directly participated or led the pharmacological development of several successful products.
• Ph.D. in Pharmacy, University of Georgia, USA; B.S. in Pharmacy, Peking University
Ye Dong<br>Vice President Production & Quality
Ye Dong
Vice President Production & Quality
• Responsible for company quality assurance and commercial production management
• Extensive work experience in drug development, production management,quality management, technology management, industrialization and technology transfer, and pharmaceutical plant engineering planning and construction
• Over 20 years working experience in pharmaceutical industry, worked in ZBD Pharmaceutical, Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical, Aosaikang Pharmaceutical, etc
• Nanjing Tech University - Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering


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