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To build an innovative pharmaceutical company with clinical advantages and global competitiveness

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Beijing Prime Gene Therapeutics Co.,Ltd.

Founded in September 2016 and located in Fengtai Zone of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, the Company is a national high-tech enterprise based in China and oriented to the world, focusing on the development and industrialization of innovative drugs.

Innovative Pharmaceutical Company Featuring Topical Drugs with Whole Industry Chain Layout

● Develop new drugs for skin, ophthalmology, rhinology and respiratory system by focusing on immunomodulatory and inflammatory targets and featuring topical drugs

● Focus on translational medical and biological findings, seek international synchronized innovation, and realize the transformation from a drug development company to a full chain pharmaceutical technology enterprise

Profound Pharmaceutical Background with Executive Team of Scientists and Entrepreneurs

● The founding team consists of drug R&D scientists with years of experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and GSK as well as entrepreneurs with successful experience in pharmaceutical industry operations and management

● The core team members all have multiple years of industrial experience and have successful experience in new drug development, clinical studies and product launches at home and abroad, and have successfully advanced 16 innovative drugs to different stages of clinical studies in the past 10 years

Comprehensive R&D and Industrialization System for Innovative Drugs

● The Company has built a complete system covering registration, clinical research and commercialization production capacity with independent R&D as the main focus, and realized the QMS management of R&D, quality management and pharmacovigilance throughout the overall life cycle

● As an MAH, the Company has proven commercial production sites that can satisfy capacity requirements

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Enterprise Vision

Focus on diseases with unmet clinical needs in skin, ophthalmology, rhinology and respiratory system caused by immune dysfunction as a breakthrough point to build an innovative pharmaceutical company featuring clinical advantages, domestic leadership and global competitiveness


Enterprise Values

Enterprise: A company with the spirit of practicality, aggressiveness, resilience and courage to develop 
Employees: A company that is collaborative, tolerant, warm, and recognized by employees from the bottom of their hearts 
Society: A company trusted by patients and with a sense of social responsibility
Core Concepts

Core Concepts

Focusing on immune and inflammation-related diseases by targeting unmet clinical needs; balancing drug development risk with a pragmatic and robust business plan; achieving long-term growth from a medical technology company to a pharmaceutical products company


Company Milestone

Company Milestones

Company Milestone
Company Milestones


Add: 5-6/F, Tower B, Chongxin Building, No.13, Hangfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

Tel: 010-83141848

Email: pg@primegene.net

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