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Early pharmacokinetic research is an important part of drug discovery. Early pharmacokinetic research in the early stage of new drug development can evaluate a variety of characteristics of compounds, which plays an important role in improving the efficiency of new drug development and reducing the risk of failure in the later stage of development. Medici is one of the first cro companies to carry out pharmacokinetic services in China. It has an experienced and technically comprehensive pharmacokinetic research team and is equipped with a high-end and complete platform to provide fast and reliable early DMPK services for the customer base from Startup to top 10 pharma.

Small molecule analysis instrument platform represented by SCIEX / Waters / Shimadzu ultra high performance liquid chromatography triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry system (uhplc-ms / MS) and thermo Q exactive hf-x quadrupole / ultra-high field Fourier transform ion trap high-resolution mass spectrometry;


Macromolecular analysis instrument platform represented by MSD high-throughput multi protein detector, Luminex liquid chip protein analysis system, gyrolab nano upgraded microfluidic immunoassay workstation and Applied Biosystems real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR system;


The sample pre-processing platform represented by covaris AFA adaptive focusing acoustic wave high-performance sample processing system, Kingfisher flex automatic magnetic bead extraction and purification system, lysera high-efficiency sample crusher and turbovap high-speed sample concentrator;


The sample management platform is composed of thermo / Panasonic ultra-low temperature refrigerator, sensatronics temperature monitoring system and Watson LIMS laboratory information management software.


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