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Creating innovative therapeutic solutions from in-depth understanding of disease biology

Autoimmune diseases

We focus on the independent research and development of innovative drugs and biological analogues for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, tumors and other diseases. At the same time, we also cooperate with many pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and hospitals to broaden our product pipeline. Our self-research and cooperation projects have entered different R & D stages.

Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases, such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus, will have a great impact on the quality of life of patients. Fusion protein or antibody biological drugs have the characteristics of low toxicity and small side effects, and can greatly improve the quality of life of patients and delay the development of disease course. Many new biological drugs and biological analogues developed by the company for the treatment of autoimmune diseases will bring new treatment schemes and hopes to patients.



The incidence rate of malignant tumors is increasing year by year, which makes cancer one of the main causes of death. Traditional tumor treatment schemes can no longer satisfy the needs of the majority of patients. In the field of cancer immunotherapy, the company has developed several new antibody drugs, two target antibody new drugs, and antibody biological analogues, which are suitable for the treatment of melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer and other malignant tumors and multiple cancers.



The biological drug cg002 developed by the company is suitable for the treatment of osteoporosis and is currently in clinical trials.


Autoimmune diseases cancer


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