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Oncovent tumor antibody

Oncovent uses tumor antibodies, especially monoclonal antibodies, to bind specific immune stimulants and cooperate with specific cytotoxicity, so as to create a more sensitive immune response environment, which is finally inhibited by checkpoints. Oncovent currently has six monoclonal antibodies.


Oncovent and its partners have well proved the biological activity and tolerance of human tumor specific immunity. The main work in the next step is to find specific combinations of various candidate antibodies, and then fully apply for patents. Finally, personalized treatment schemes based on tumor immune markers will be provided for each different patient. At the same time, we have also improved the sensitivity of endogenous immunity and amplified the immune function. Then, through the joint action of antibody combination and checkpoint inhibitor, the immune response of patients who cannot stimulate tumor immune response in the body can reappear.


OncoVent Tumor antibody


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